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Anyone notice that ATT became a media company last year?

The fact that the Justice Department went to court for the first time since the Nixon administration to challenge such a merger is a sign of the significance of this development. Wiser heads than us tell us that the rise of Netflix is causing a lot of people in the content delivery business to rethink their future. We will throw some other random fuel on this fire in the form of eCPRI, which is changing the way the physical layer is partitioned in the network and became a massive deal in Add to that the continued progress of the Open RAN organization which has at least gotten really cozy with Facebooks TIP efforts, if not exactly merged with them yet and all of this seems to have a certain pattern to it.

Are the telecoms and IT communities finally really coming together? And what does this all really mean for the way we deploy and develop cellular equipment.

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Anyway, we will call the year of IT convergence and see what happens. Also in , the EU started a new law for protecting data privacy. We expect that coming into security and privacy will continue to become more and more important as more people become more aware, and perhaps paranoid, about how their data is being used.

Security then becomes a principle in the development of IoT technologies, smart city, and vehicle communications and so on. Already security has become a more pressing topic in the standards bodies and there is opportunity for new technology in this area. So we will call the year of security focused networking. Resurrecting this one from last year because we were right about it and it is not going away quite just yet.

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The power and cost remain non-trivial issues and now we are discovering that the algorithms given to us by the academics need some tweaking. So maybe we are beginning to settle down a little.

5G connectivity

We expect that will be a year to focus on mobility tracking and capacity optimization. In the interest of pointing out the elephant in the room we have to say something about the global supply chain. To mix our metaphors we will stay away from the 3 rd rail of passing any opinion on this complex and political topic. But it is undeniable that the communications community is rethinking how it cooperates.

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From where to hold an international conference, if there is risk that some of the attendees might not be able to get a visa, to how we secure public confidence in our complex supply chain. Even the issue of how we communicate professionally and under what rules is being called into question. There is no doubt that most equipment in our networks today has passed through many countries and been worked on at some level by many engineers of many nationalities and constructed with components from all over the globe.

If our customers need a change in this system there is the potential for some serious disruption and this will underlie all of the other hot topics we have mentioned so far.

5G connectivity

As technologists we must believe there are technical solutions to this problem and we are hopeful that the technical community can get ahead of the politicians in this area. So we predict that will be a very interesting year for the IEEE which at its heart is an organization that tries to foster communication and cooperation among its members.

But we note that there is at least one 6G academic workshop early this year and will reset our prediction. We again predict that there will be a continuing trend towards the standard specifying less and less as we leave gaps in the specification for machine learning to set chunks of the modem operation on the fly leading to a new era for how standards are developed. Cart 0 Create Account Sign In. Machine Learning. Unless of course you already heard it somewhere elseā€¦ 2.

Researches also include product development, process improvement, cost analysis, quality engineering, maintenance management, feasibility study projects, ergonomics, operation research and strategy management as well as research topics and activities that serve the practical applications linked to the actual needs of the private and industrial sectors.

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