Vision Geometry: Proceedings of an Ams Special Session Held October 20-21, 1989

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Synopsis: Since its genesis more than thirty-five years ago, the field of computer vision has been known by various names, including pattern recognitions, image analysis, and image understanding. The central problem of computer vision is obtaining descriptive information by computer analysis of images of a scene. Together with the related fields of image processing and computer graphics, it has become an established discipline at the interface between computer science and electrical engineering.

This book makes the results presented at the Special Session, which previously had been available only in the computer science literature, more widely available within the mathematical sciences community. Geometry plays a major role in computer vision, since scene descriptions always involve geometrical properties of, and relations among, the objects or surfaces in the scene.

The papers in this book provide a good sampling of geometric problems connected with computer vision. They deal with digital lines and curves, polygons, shape decompositions, digital connectedness and surfaces, digital metrics, and generalizations to higher-dimensional and graph-structured "spaces. Title: Vision Geometry: Proceedings of an Ams Book Description American Mathematical Society, Condition: Very Good. Seller Inventory ZB More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket.

Book Description Amer Mathematical Society, Condition: Used: Good. Condition: Good. Unlike most texts dealing with the topic, which tend to remain on an abstract level, Dr. Eves' book employs a concrete elementary approach, avoiding abstraction until the final chapter. This practical method renders the text especially accessible to students of physics, engineering, business and the social sciences, as well as math majors. Although the treatment is fundamental — no previous courses in abstract algebra are required — it is also flexible: each chapter includes special material for advanced students interested in deeper study or application of the theory.

Over the past two decades, there have been remarkable developments. This book explains the strong connections between combinatorics, geometry, and representation theory. It is suitable for graduate students and researchers interested in representation theory. C66 Available. Description Book — xxvii, p. Summary Moduli of logarithmic connections along a free divisor by A.

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Aleksandrov Fano 3-folds, K3 surfaces and graded rings by S. Altinok, G. Brown, and M. Cho Links and their complements by C. Gordon On the effective cone and the moduli space of pointed rational curves by B. Hassett and Y. Tschinkel On 4-dimensional mapping tori by J. Hillman Algorithms for essential surfaces in 3-manifolds by W. Jaco, D. Letscher, and J.

Contemporary Mathematics

Rubinstein On counting special Lagrangian homology 3-spheres by D. Kamiya and K. Shimomura Some applications of mirror principle by B. Lian, K. Liu, and S. Yau Bifurcating nodoids by R. Mazzeo and F. Pacard Formal formal schemes by M. McQuillan Holomorphic volume preserving maps and special Lagrangian submanifolds by Y. Oh On a new curve evolution problem in the plane by S. Pan Some applications of the theory of critical points by C. Shen and F.

Shen Semi-classical asymptotics by Y. Yu and J. Zhou On endomorphisms of algebraic surfaces by D. Rather than being a simple snapshot of the meeting in the form of a proceedings, it serves as a commemorative volume consisting of papers selected to show the diversity and depth of the mathematics presented at SISTAG. The book contains articles on low-dimensional topology, algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, and algebraic topology. While papers reflect the focus of the conference, many documents written after SISTAG and included in this volume represent the latest thinking in the fields of topology and geometry.

While representation from Pacific Rim countries is strong, the list of contributors is international in scope and includes many recognized experts. This volume is of interest to graduate students and mathematicians working in the fields of algebraic, differential and symplectic geometry, algebraic, geometric and low-dimensional topology, and mathematical physics.

A1 S56 Available. Analysis, geometry, number theory : the mathematics of Leon Ehrenpreis []. Summary On a problem of injectivity for the Radon transform on a paraboloid by M. Agranovsky Anti-self-dual symplectic forms and integral geometry by J. Alvarez Holomorphic extendibility of functions via nonlinear Fourier transforms by T.

Banh Division-interpolation methods and Nullstellensatze by C. Berenstein and A. Yger Uniqueness and non-uniqueness for microanalytic continuation of ultradistributions by J. Boman A rational Landen transformation. The case of degree six by G. Boros and V. Braun, R. Meise, and B. Taylor Weyl's law with error estimate by S. Catto, J. Huntley, N. Moh, and D. Tepper Dirac equation in the octonionic algebra by F. Colombo, I. Sabadini, and D. Struppa A note on Siegel's proof of Hamburger's theorem by W.

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Culp-Ressler and W. D'Agnolo Positivity conditions and squared norms of holomorphic polynomial mappings by J. D'Angelo The exponential x-ray transform and Fritz John's equation. Range description by L. Ehrenpreis, P. Kuchment, and A. Panchenko Two lemmas in local analytic geometry by C. Epstein and G. Henkin Partitions and theta constant identities by H.

Farkas and I. Kra The Radon transform and spectral rigidity of the Grassmannians by J. Gasqui and H. Goldschmidt Complex powers of convolution operators on the Heisenberg group by D. Geller Estimates for generalized Radon transforms in three and four dimensions by A. Greenleaf, A. Seeger, and S. Wainger Irregular sampling and the Radon transform by E. Grinberg and I. Guerzhoy Maximal sequences of compact Riemann surfaces by R. Hounie and J. Tavares The initial value problem for a fifth order shallow water equation on the real line by A. Himonas and G.

Huang, J. Merker, and F. Meylan Analysis of artifacts in local tomography with nonsmooth attenuation by A. Katsevich The Hecke convergence factor and modular forms of weight zero by M. Knopp and W. Pribitkin Hypoellipticity at points of infinite type by J. Derridj and D. Tartakoff Cauchy transform and Hardy spaces for rough planar domains by L. Lanzani On real analytic planar vector fields near the character set by A.

Meziani On longest increasing subsequences in random permutations by A. Odlyzko and E. Rains Convergence of Poincare series with two complex coweights by P. Pasles Eisenstein series and Eichler integrals by W. Pribitkin Real hypersurfaces with no infinitesimal CR automorphisms by N. Stanton Extension of cohomology classes by F. Treves Two-radius support theorems for spherical Radon transforms on manifolds by Y. Zhou and E. Professor Ehrenpreis has worked in many areas of mathematics and has found connections among all of them.

For example, we can find his analysis ideas in the context of number theory, geometric thinking within analysis, transcendental number theory tied to partial differential equations. The conference brought together the communities of mathematicians working in the areas of interest to Professor Ehrenpreis and allowed them to share the research inspired by his work.

The collection of articles presents current research on PDE's, several complex variables, analytic number theory, integral geometry and tomography. The thinking of Professor Ehrenpreis has contributed fundamental concepts and techniques in these areas and has motivated a wealth of research results. This volume offers a survey of the fundamental principles that unified the conference and influenced the mathematics of Leon Ehrenpreis.

A57 Available. Geometry and topology : Aarhus : conference on geometry and topology, August , Aarhus University Aarhus, Denmark []. Description Book — xiv, p. Summary Complex cobordism of Hilbert manifolds with some applications to flag varieties of loop groups by A. Baker and C. Ozel Unique continuation property of Dirac operators, revisited by B.

Booss-Bavnbek Torus actions determined by simple polytopes by V. Buchstaber and T. Panov The Torelli group action on representation spaces by S. Cappell, R. Lee, and E. Carey and B. Wang Stability for holomorphic spheres and Morse theory by R. Cohen, J. Jones, and G. Segal Embedded minimal surfaces without area bounds in 3-manifolds by T. Colding and W.

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Minicozzi II The cyclotomic trace for symmetric monoidal categories by B. Dundas Isoparametric submanifolds and symmetric spaces by J. Eschenburg Obstructions to homotopy invariance in parametrized fixed point theory by R. Geoghegan, A. Nicas, and D. Schutz Lagrangian path intersections and the Leray index by M. Gray Nonnegative curvature and normal holonomy in open manifolds by L. Guijarro Compactifying infinite group actions by I. Hambleton and E. Joachim and T. Schick Stable modules and the structure of Poincare 3-complexes by F.

Johnson The equivariant cohomology ring of the moduli space of vector bundles over a Riemann surface by Y. Kiem Poincare embeddings of spheres by J. Klein Beginning of analysis on Alexandrov spaces by K. Kuwae, Y. Machigashira, and T.

Shioya Negative curvature and symplectic submanifolds by J. Lohkamp On the universal space for group actions with compact isotropy by W. Luck and D. Meintrup The circle transfer and K-theory by I. Madsen and C. Schlichtkrull Finite groups possessing gap modules by M. Morimoto, T. Sumi, and M. Yanagihara Smith equivalence of group modules and the Laitinen conjecture. A survey by K. Pawalowski Controlled algebraic K-theory, a survey by E.

Pedersen Taut codimension one spheres of odd order by L. Taylor Bivariant Riemann Roch theorems by B. Papers include those presented as part of the 5th Aarhus Conference - a meeting of international participants held in connection with ICM Berlin in - and related papers on the subject. This collection of papers is aptly published in the "Contemporary Mathematics" series, as the works represent the state of research and address areas of future development in the area of manifold theory and geometry. The survey articles in particular would serve well as supplemental resources in related graduate courses.

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G Available. Summary Geometric range searching and its relatives by P. Agarwal and J. Erickson Deformed products and maximal shadows of polytopes by N. Amenta and G. Ziegler Flag complexes, labelled rooted trees, and star shellings by L. Billera, C. Chan, and N. Liu Discrepancy bounds for geometric set systems with square incidence matrices by B. Chazelle Computational topology by T. Dey, H. Edelsbrunner, and S. Guha Recent progress on packing and covering by G.

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Get this from a library! Vision geometry: proceedings of an AMS special session held October , [Robert A Melter; Azriel Rosenfeld; Prabir. This book makes the results presented at the Special Session, which a view of how geometry is currently being applied to problems in computer vision. Vision Geometry: Proceedings of an AMS Special Session Held October ,

Fejes Toth Acoptic polyhedra by B. Grunbaum A proof of the strict monotone 4-step conjecture by F. Holt and V.

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Die Analyse der Wachstumsbewegungen und der Septierung des Herzschlauches. Cordaro, Paulo D. Living in a physical world. With this funding instrument the ERC wants to strengthen new excellent research. Saint-Jean develop in [ 13 ] , pp. It also occurs in peripheral segments of the mature vascular system see above , where valveless pumping phenomena are suspected to contribute to the generation of unidirectional blood flow [ 6 , 10 , 11 , 12 ]. Tohru Nitta 2 publications.

Klee Interactions between real algebraic geometry and discrete and computational geometry by I. Itenberg and M. Roy Open problems in the combinatorics of visibility and illumination by J. O'Rourke Halving lines and perfect cross-matchings by J. Pach and J. Solymosi Three-dimensional grid drawings of graphs by J.

1. Introduction

Pach, T. Thiele, and G. Toth On polygonal covers by M. Pocchiola and G. Vegter The universality theorems for oriented matroids and polytopes by J. Senechal The early years of computational geometry-A personal memoir by M. Shamos Arrangements of surfaces in higher dimensions by M. Sharir Geometric discrepancy theory by J. Spencer Proof of Reay's conjecture on certain positive-dimensional intersections by H.